One Mission: Health for All

Most who need help will never seek it.

Crippled by shame and embarrassment, eight out of 10 people who need emotional therapy refuse to seek it.

Thrive360 founder Joe Woskow wanted to build something that would make it easier and more comfortable for people to access and engage with therapy.

Thrive360 Timeline

How it got started, and where we are today


Idea: Expand access to quality care by creating private, high-quality, recorded therapy sessions.

In 2013, Woskow hatches an idea to create recorded therapy sessions in both high-quality video and virtual reality.

He believed that when combined with the benefits of privacy, the efficacy and engagement of recorded therapy could be enhanced further if the user were deeply immersed in the content. Woskow fabricates his own virtual-reality cameras and begins recording a series of sessions with Austin-area therapists.


Initial tests show success.

Locals interested in eliminating stress and losing weight signed up to evaluate his sessions.

Woskow programmed their mobile phones, sent them on their way, and asked them to report back in 30 days. The results were impressive. Users reported measurable relief from their emotional stresses, and many lost weight.


Platform development removes barriers to access

Robust and intuitive content delivery platform is built for engagement

Following extensive research into the barriers to accessing mental and emotional healthcare, the Thrive360 team focuses on ensuring the platform is anonymous and accessible 24×7, with a strong emphasis on user privacy.


Clinical evaluations and research continue

Results from clinical testing validate approaches and techniques

The focus on clinical and scientifically based research continues to populate an ever-growing library of data that validates the emotional impact of Thrive360 content, as well as the positive impact to ROI.


Building an ecosystem of hand-picked professionals

Thrive360 sources professional healthcare providers from around the world.

After identifying a wish list of topics and specialties, Thrive360 recruits professionals who specialize in, and in many cases are world-renowned for, their work in those areas. Now, users can find the topic, the provider, and the therapeutic techniques that resonate best with their unique needs.


Expanded content and case-study results draw attention

Premium virtual-reality library expands, positive test results continue, and additional investors take note.

As case studies and user testimonials continue to demonstrate the positive impact of Thrive360, subscribers and investors continue to take interest.

  • Content strategy adapts to accommodate current issues and events.
  • Proven and scalable implementation procedures help to streamline new onboardings.
  • User engagement continues to soar.

Multiple techniques also available

People vary in how they best learn, grow, and thrive therapeutically, and Thrive360 accommodates those differences with a wide range of science-driven approaches.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Mindfulness & Meditation

Dance & Movement

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Neuro-Linguistic Reprogramming (NLP)

Couples & Relationship Therapy

Our Team

Meet the faces behind the app.

Joe Woskow
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Christy Lamka
Co-Founder/ Chief Operating Officer

Key Advisors

Meet the advisors who provide valuable guidance and insights.

Greg Chamitoff, PhD
Astronaut/Technical Advisor

Tim McClure
Brand and Strategic Advisor

Dan Wolterman
Strategic Advisor

Gary Becker
Strategic Advisor

Elizabeth Slonena, PhD
Content Advisor

Olufunke Awosogba, PhD
Quality Advisor

Bill LaRosa
Strategic Advisor

Dave McCurley
Sales and Strategic Advisor

Jonathan Axelrad
Legal Advisor

Anita Jung
Content Advisor

Jerry Davis
Business Advisor

Patrick Curry
Technology Consultant

Mark Belcher
Strategic Advisor

Josh Stern
Strategic Advisor

Andrea Overman
Marketing Advisor

Bill Schwartz
Financial Advisor