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The benefits of positive thinking are overwhelming and can increase success in achieving your goals for an overall satisfaction of life.

With Tianna Roser

Tianna Roser is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Catalyst Coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She seeks to empower others by helping them discover their true selves. This transformation involves leaving behind old patterns, behaviors, and emotions.

Thriving Through Stress

In this empowering video, Dr. Debra shares 10 practical tips to help you build resilience and maintain well-being during challenging times.

With Dr. Debra Mandel

Seeking a no-nonsense, yet gentle, fun-loving psychologist to help you on your journey of life? Meet “Dr. Debra” Mandel, a.k.a., The Love Warrior. She has helped millions of people overcome stress and learn to THRIVE and she can help you too!

Sleep Better

Slip into a more restorative cycle of restful sleep by enhancing the connection between your subconscious and conscious mind.

With Devon Adams

Devon Adams is a Board Certified Hypnotist, specializing in sleep, pain, emotional resilience and stress relief. She is a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

Yoga Session for Grief and Crisis

Connect with your breath as you move through gentle poses that promote inner calm and release tension stored in the body. Let the rhythm of your breath guide you towards healing.

With Esha Estar

Esha is a life and death doula, a teacher, an intuitive healer, a shamanic facilitator, a licensed massage therapist, a spiritual director, a 500-hr registered yoga teacher, an author of two books (The Wisdom of Grief and The Wisdom of Death), and a soul alchemist.

Communication Series Session 1: Empathy

In this session, Peter Harrell dives into what it means to be empathetic, and why building empathy is essential in effective communication.

With Peter Harrell

Peter Harrell is a communications expert and advocate for empathy and emotional intelligence. He uses his experience in verbal defense and interpersonal interaction training to teach organizations and individuals how to improve cooperation and collaboration within a team and maintain mental and emotional safety in the midst of conflict.

Healthy Habits: Introduction and Mindset for Losing Weight

Empower yourself to create optimal health and wellbeing and reach your happy, healthy weight.

With Susan Palace

Susan Palace is a certified health coach and successful business owner. She specializes in a wide array of practices – meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and more. With her expertise, she has helped transform the lives of thousands of Americans.