We help HR Directors look like the heroes
they actually are.

When you provide your employees with access to our convenient
and affordable app, you can help them:

  • Prosper emotionally
  • Gather tools to mitigate their struggles
  • Quickly return to being happier and more productive.

The result for your team is relief.

After using the Thrive360 app for even a short, recorded session with one of our healthcare professionals, employees consistently report feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Thrive360 gives HR directors a tool that helps you:

Improve your work culture

Create happier and more productive employees

Reduce turnover

Lower healthcare costs

How does it work?

Employees struggling with emotional issues can take a few minutes during the day, either at home or at work, to experience one of our high-quality online sessions that have been curated and recorded with healthcare professionals. From session categories that range from anxiety and depression, to work and personal relationship issues, Thrive360 offers hundreds of sessions that address a broad range of emotional struggles.

Create a culture of innovative wellness.

And here’s how we do it.

For a small monthly subscription fee, your employees can engage with a Thrive360 therapeutic session anywhere.

At home or at work. We even can help you create a turnkey virtual-reality lounge or transportable kit for your workplace, where employees can privately don noise-cancelling headphones and engage in a therapeutic session using a computer, a tablet, or even a smart phone.

See it in action

Experience it yourself by viewing some of the recorded sessions with our healthcare experts, or connect with us to schedule a personal demo.

It really works.

Hear it from HR directors and their employees.

Thrive360 clients—both HR directors and their employees—rave about how the therapeutic sessions made them feel relaxed and empowered, allowing them to return to work happier and more productive.

The proof is in the data

Thrive360 takes a very scientific and data-driven approach to measuring the effectiveness of our therapeutic sessions, and the evidence speaks volumes.

See the impressive results of Thrive360 case studies.

See research on the benefits of workplace wellness studies.

Finally, an employee mental-wellness tool your employees actually use
… and trust

Thrive360 is built for engagement*.

Your Customer Success Manager will have you up and running in no time.

With Thrive360, your employees start reaping program benefits immediately, as you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager. You get support every step of the way, including support to drive engagement and implement best practices, as well as training on how to use your dashboard, and much more.

* Current Thrive360 user engagement is 58.17%!

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