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Introducing the ‘Netflix of emotional health and well-being’

Specialists who meet you where you are, when you’re there

Thrive360 offers an industry-first virtual-reality experience that includes high-quality, recorded sessions with hundreds of doctors, therapists, and experts. Our platform removes the barriers to access and makes support tools available 24×7 on any device with a screen.

Thrive360 can help reduce the costs of employee distress and turnover.

Employees are dealing with more emotional issues now than ever before. Studies show a comprehensive well-being strategy and culture can positively impact a firm’s performance by tackling these business challenges.

  • Absenteeism: $250 per employee/month (Circadian)
  • Presenteeism: $801 per employee/month (Industry Week)
  • Healthcare Costs: $136 per employee/month (Rand Corporation)

Employee Replacement Costs

What is the cost of replacing an individual employee?

of employee annual salary

For a 100-person Company

What is the turnover cost for a 100-person company with an average salary of $50,000?

A smart choice at the right time.

  • The digital health and wellness app industry continues to boom ($120.8B in 2019; +20M wellness app users since 2019).
  • Virtual Reality is exploding in the global healthcare market (VR innovation is up; 5G is on the rise).
  • Thrive360 is the only app among competitors that provides a complete range of online therapeutic tools for B2B, B2C, and Medical audiences.

The evidence for ROI is real.

See the results from Thrive360’s clinical trials and case studies:

  • Measurable increase in job satisfaction
  • 52% decrease in feelings of anxiety
  • 53% decrease in feelings of depression
  • Turnover ratio improved from 40% to just 5%

A tool that users really use.

Unlike many other wellness programs, Thrive360 consistently shows impressive engagement from our users. As of the fourth quarter of 2021, Thrive360 user engagement is at 58.17 percent.


58.17% user engagement

According to a Deloitte study, for every dollar spent on early support of mental health in the workplace, employers get a return on investment of 8:1.

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Session quality and the breadth of our categories helps to demonstrate our value.

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