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Men Are Turning to This One App for Private Mental Wellness Support

Men Are Turning to This One App for Private Mental Wellness Support

Mental health is just as important for men as it is for women, but men are often less likely to seek help. This is due to a number of factors, including the stigma surrounding mental illness and the belief that men should be able to “tough it out.”

However, there are a number of resources available to help men with their mental health, including the Thrive360 app.

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Is Thrive360 for you?

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How does it work?

When you find yourself struggling with emotional issues or in need of a reset, you can take a few minutes during the day, either at home or at work, to experience one of our high-quality online sessions recorded and curated by healthcare professionals, therapists, and topic experts.

Do I need special equipment?

You can access the Thrive360 app from any device with a screen and an internet connection! It’s best to find a nice, quiet spot and use headphones to help you fully engage with each session.

What kinds of sessions are available?

From session categories that address anxiety and depression, to work and personal relationship issues, Thrive360 offers hundreds of sessions that address a broad range of emotional and relationship struggles. Yes, you even can find sessions to help you improve your golf game.

What kinds of therapeutic techniques are available?

Thrive360 recognizes that people thrive in unique ways. Some respond best to meditation & mindfulness, and others succeed with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). We accommodate these differences with a wide range of science-driven approaches to mental health therapies.

Can I connect with a therapist live?

All of our curated sessions are recorded in high-quality video, but yes, you can connect directly with our content providers if you would like to schedule a one-to-one session, which could be virtual or in-person.

Is the Thrive360 content proven to work?

Thrive360 takes a very scientific and data-driven approach to measuring the effectiveness of our therapeutic sessions, and the evidence speaks volumes. See the impressive results of Thrive360 case studies, as well as the research on the benefits of wellness.

It really works!

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Watch Thrive360 users rave about how the therapeutic sessions made them feel relaxed and empowered—often after just 15 minutes or less—allowing them to tackle their day feeling happier and more productive.